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Handling of personal information on the Yasui Web site
  1. We obtain the personal information by lawful and fair means and also within the range of business necessity.
  2. The personal information obtained from customers shall be used within a scope compatible with purposes pre-agreed by customers.
  3. Yasui does not disclose or provide the personal information to any third parties except for lawful purposes.
  4. We will make all efforts to keep the information accurate, up to date and secure from the third parties. In addition, when we need to outsource a part of our operations to the outside companies due to operational requirement, we shall impose the Non-Disclosure Agreement to the outside contract companies.
  5. When the registered personal information needs to be altered or deleted, our internal specific form should be used to receive your requests. Your ID i.e. Driver's License is required for confirmation. For disclosing the requested information, administration fees will be charged for each information item requested as per our company rule.