Yasui brand to the world!

Irrespective of existing businesses, Development Dept. is striving to create new technologies and products on a daily basis.

Many of our projects are adopted by the government and Miyazaki Prefecture for their auxiliary projects. We conduct research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions.

Adopted examples

  1. Miyazaki Federation of Small Business Association
    Prototype development support subsidy for small and medium-sized manufacturers and small scale companies (2012)
    "Prototype development of the flame retardant resin compound"
  2. Miyazaki Prefecture industry-academic-government collaboration study promotion business (2011-2012)
    "Development of artificial bait for abalone rearing"
  3. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Projects to support the advancement of strategic core technologies (2012-2014)
    "Development of medical disposable circuits by water-assist injection molding"
  4. Miyazaki Federation of Small Business Association
    Small and medium-sized companies, small scale manufacturing, commercial, and service innovation project (2013)
    "Development of high-performance plastic products for medical and surgical devices"
  5. Medical-industrial collaborative commercialization promotional project (2015-2017) of National Research and Development Agency, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development(AMED)
    "Development and commercialization of high-performance plastic retractor for improved operative field visibility"
  6. Miyazaki Prefecture-industry-academic-government collaborative study promotional project (2015-2016)
    "Development of high-performance plastic surgical instruments"