Handling products

For ham, sausage products (for cold food / heating), health food, and seasonings (dressing, etc)
For sweets, cakes, and fruit pack films (hot-melt method) for agricultural products (strawberries and grapes)
Adhesive tapes for fishery products
Trays / Packaging materials
Plastic trays, laminated films, coextruded films, and PE bags
Gift boxes
For gifts, order shopping, and general distribution
Packaging machinery / Logistics materials
Automatic packaging machine (deep drawing machine), labeler machine, packing machine, plastic cardboard, plastic pallets, tapes

We propose the food-packaging materials in total.

Fruit pack films
( Hot-melt method )

Packing labels used on strawberries, grapes and other fruit in the season are produced from printing process to gluing process with our label printing machines. Small-lot production is available on request.

Food package full of expressive design
Obviously beside functionality as a packaging material, what we wish to convey is the bright dining table scene beyond the product image.
Our experienced staff will support from the designing and layout process of any food packaging ideas.