Our ISO activities

We have obtained ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications as international standards of management system in order to help maintain our quality system clearer and ensure objectivity.
In order to enhance the product reliability and safety, we perform the quality assurance activities in all processes of marketing, receipt of orders, purchase, manufacturing, dimensional inspection and product control on a "company's overall quality policy" basis, considering that the products need to be produced to the highest level of quality as possible.
Our Injection Molding Dept. members are fully aware of working with medical devices assembly and production of part materials for human health and life. We strive to improve product quality, stable production and stable supply.

ISO QM5383

Corporate Creed

  • We contribute to the regional community, continue to impress and satisfy our customers.
  • Striving for the high-value added management, we build our company worth living and working for.
  • We help preserve the environmental-friendly environment and save natural resources to make 21st century clean and green.

ISO13485 We have obtained

Quality Policy

We provide the high-quality and safe products which satisfy customers at all times.

  1. We secure the customers' confidence.
  2. We observe the regulations.
  3. We implement the continual improvement of the QMS.