koplight surgical light retractor

Directly illuminates the operative field

Cordless LED illumination koplight™ surgical light retractor

Nonconductive blade made of strong medical-grade plastic
Interchangeable blade sizes
Lightweightand cordless

koplight™ concept

Traditional metal retractors
  • Surgical light cannot reach narrow and deep areas
  • Metal material hides tissues
  • Conductive: Risk of burns by electric scalpels
  • Captured by X-ray fluoroscopy and CT-guided operation
Traditional metal retractors IMG
clear plastic + cordless LED
  • LED light directly reaches narrow and deep areas
  • Transparent blade does not hide tissues
  • Non-conductive: No risk of burns by electric scalpels
  • Not captured by X-ray fluoroscopy and CT-guided operation
koplight™ IMG

koplight™ features

  • High strength
    The blade is made of strong medical-grade polycarbonate and withstands a force of ≥10 kg/22lb. It only bends under the excessive load, with minimal risk of breaking into pieces.
High strength IMG
  • Lightweight and waterproof light handle
    The light handle is lightweight because it is made of aluminum. It has an IPX-7 waterproof rating (1 m of water for 30 minutes, the tail cap should be thoroughly tightened).
  • Integrated, cordless LED
    No more cables in the operating theater. koplight™ provides sufficient illumination for surgical procedures (≥30,000 lx).
  • Accessory (battery inserter)
    The battery inserter allows batteries to be inserted into the light handle without contaminating the exterior.
Accessory (battery inserter) IMG

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