Bottle labels
Soft drinks and alcohol (sake, shochu and wine, etc.)
Label specifications: Tack labels, glue labels, and shrink films
Laminated pouches, and collapsible plastic containers
Gift boxes, clear cases, gift cases, and promotional displays

Suggestions for soft drinks, alcoholic beverage labels and packaging

The label used on a beverage bottle is a face of the important product, and whether its commercial value can be conveyed at a glance controls the sales.
It is important to know the characteristics of products such as charging method and the retention period.
Our experienced staff will select the optimal materials according to customers' use from materials such as paper and film.

Labels for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

Labels for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

We offer suitable materials according to product characteristics and affixing method for both film and paper. The label specification can be dealt for any kind whether they are tack, glue, shrink film and others.

Carton cases

Wash-off labels (Recycled labels)
After use and collection of bottles, they are washed by alkaline solution to peel off tack labels smoothly. This procedure helps the recycling of bottles.
The special adhesive is used for materials.
The value is established as needs in the market with increasing awareness to recycling-oriented society.
It is one of the important features of the label to come off neatly.
Wash-off labels (Recycled labels)