Medical printing

Medical / Pharmaceutical product labels
Uses: Infusions, blood bags, vials, ampoules, syringes, tube identification, and pharmaceutical bottles
Variable data printing for logistics, i.e. Medical code, etc.
Packing materials / Cases
Special films for sterilization, sterilization pouches, blister packs, gift boxes, and plastic trays
Package inserts

Handling products

Blood and intravenous fluid bags

Blood and intravenous fluid bags

Advanced medical equipment

Advanced medical equipment

Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products

Sterilization packaging materials

Sterilization packaging materials

Medical labels

Labels produced under strict quality control are the proof of "trust" that they are required in the medical field.

Medical label requirement

The lot and the criteria are various for medical and pharmaceutical labels compared with general print products.
Also there are many differences for required durability, production environment and quality assurance.

Even if the finished appearance is the same using the same materials, it will be a very important criterion whether the production process is right or not.

In Printing Dept., production line exclusively for medical product labels is established and quality control is performed according to requirements of customers.

Clean room
Clean room

Clean room production line (Class 8 operation)

Required resistance characteristics and use environment for medical labels
Main resistance characteristics:
Situations when the attention is needed for label use under certain environment
Heat resistance/ Cold resistance:Sterilization (EOG/AC), temperature and humidity control during transport, storage during sudden changes in temperatures
Water resistance:Each sterilization process(EOG/AC),
material degradation due to dew condensation during low temperature storage
Light resistance:Color fading and discoloration due to storage environment
Drug resistance:Material deterioration due to cleaning and disinfection agents
Abrasion resistance:Damage caused by any contacts to products (abrasion)

The above is a part of the basic information.

Since the medical devices have a long warranty period, certain verification is necessary with the cooperation from customers. Also, it is important to select the optimal material based on characteristics of adherend i.e. plastics with conditions requiring high pressure steam sterilization at above 100℃ or rapid freezing storage for pharmaceutical products.
Production control / Mission
Requirements vary according to customers, but our mission is just simple.

Products are safely delivered to customers and they can use them with confidence.
Therefore the working environment should be clean.
The products are stably supplied.

We comply with the above basic points and offer the reassurance.

Product development according to customers' requirements

Products are customized based on customers' specifications at Yasui co., Ltd. We offer the ideal medical packing materials.
Test samples are available upon request.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Total packaging
Gift boxes

Gift boxes

Gift boxes, blister packs, and transport trays, etc.
Special packing materials

Special packing materials

We propose the packaging materials according to respective sterilization conditions for medical device manufacturers.